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Brad Robinson Enterprises provides quality customer oriented service in asset/property management, sales and acquisitions, brokerage, syndication, consulting and feasibility studies. Our objective is to help you at every step of the real estate process. We can prepare the feasibility study for any purchase and coordinate the financing. We can assist with the purchase and/or syndication and provide complete asset management services.

We would like to call special attention to two of our services: sales/acquisitions and asset management. Our experience with the purchase and sale of property includes over twenty different commercial and multi-family projects in California and several other states. We have many contacts throughout the country that are often looking to buy or sell property. If you are looking for property or wish to sell your real estate, we can help!


There are many definitions for the term "Asset Management" and a variety of opinions about the difference between "property management" and "asset management." We define property management as the implementation of the property's "management plan" and the day-to-day management of the real estate. We define asset management as the management of real estate as an investment. In this context, the return on (and of) the investment is our primary concern. Additionally, we realize investors have different investment objectives. As a part of the asset management process we take each investor's financial goals into consideration as we make management decisions.

Turning to property management, we manage each project according to the property's budget and consistent with the terms of the management plan. The preparation and implementation of the management plan is an important part of any property management program. Similar properties in similar locations can be managed differently depending on the owner's objective. Identifying these objectives is critical to the development of the plan.

Two objectives have a great impact on the plan and the property: the owner's required return on investment (R.O.I.) and the desired holding period. These objectives can influence capital improvements, preventive maintenance, rent increases, salaries and leasing objectives. Defining the leasing objectives in the plan is important. Owners can approach leasing differently, though they may have similar holding periods and R.O.I. requirements. It also is important to know each owner's priorities in terms of "cash flow" versus increasing the property's value. Sometimes these are mutually exclusive (i.e. resurfacing a parking lot may increase the property's value over the long term, but will decrease current cash flow). While these are not the only topics covered in a management plan, they are important ones. Meeting the owner's objectives is our primary concern. We believe that agreeing on a management plan is important in successfully managing real estate. We manage real estate in a way that meets each owner's investment objectives and maximizes the return on the investment.

Fundamental to all our property management services is one important philosophy: "we are here to serve you." Communicating with each owner is very important. We provide computerized operating reports each month that can be customized for each client. Frequent meetings are scheduled to review these statements and the general real estate market. Finally, our policy is to employ the highest quality managers and to provide Certified Property Manager supervision of each property.


We consider the personal relationships we develop with our clients to be very important. By focusing on personal service, we develop lasting relationships and in the process provide valuable service and advice to our clients. This emphasis on developing personal relationships and our experience separate us from many other companies. Our experience includes the purchase, sale and leasing of multi-family residential properties, office buildings, shopping centers, industrial buildings, and mobile home parks.

One of our advantages over other companies is we have gained much of our experience as principals. We have done construction, acquisitions, leasing and dispositions for our own accounts. These activities have been conducted throughout California and across the nation with many owners, investors and brokers. Because we have often acted as principals, we understand the subtlety of a transaction. We are aware of the impact that changes in a contract or lease can have on the owner. As a part of our brokerage services, we offer complete computer support. Leases, contracts and other documents can be quickly customized for each client. Changes can easily be made to "boiler plate" documents to expedite any transaction. We can customize any mailing or publication to meet a client's exact specifications.


We are a full service company. While there are other full service firms vying for your business, we distinguish ourselves from others by our broad experience with a variety of property types and by focusing on integrity and personal service. Let us help you with your next real estate transaction.

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